For Your Information...

Adopting and/or Changing Rules or Policies (CC 1357.100 et seq)

Architectural Review Procedures Required (CC 1378)

Assessment Collection Procedures in Davis-Stirling (CC 1366.3, 1367.1, 1367.4, 1367.5)

Association has No Duty to Disclose to Prospective Purchaser (Kovich v. Paseo Del Mar)

Associations Must Generally Allow Display of Signs (CC 1353.6)

Associations Cannot Prohibit Display of American Flag (CC 1353.5)

Member Inspection Rights Revised (CC 1365.2)

Disclosure Document Index (CC 1363.005)

The Pet Bill (CC 1360.5)

Voting Procedures (CC 1363.03)

New Towing Provisions Effective 2007